20 October 2013

Shut within the Fourth Wall

"Man dies, man kills"

Candles stubbed, cold,
Blood encrusted sheets -
You stick a head out
To breathe in the night,
Sniffle, choke, cringe, dead.

Seek the lights at night,
Mighty sights in dreams,
Soaked in sweat, stay awake;
For flowers are from the past.

White behind eyelids,
Shut within the fourth wall;
Cry, cry, cry out loud:
They hear you as
Long as they're sober.

Faster than dogs,
If only we could have;
But caught, whipped, caged,
Drugged as deadly nightshade,
We are marble, we are red.

Man is both the dead and Death,
Man is both god and child,
Man is, but also not.

Why this world, why?
Colours jar the brain
Through this eternal night
Where we fight for light,
But only to test
Our dimming sight?


Abhra said...

Interesting and thought provoking poetry!

ADiTHYA K Pani said...

Thanks Abhra! Quite late and impudent of me to reply after nearly 16 months.