9 August 2010

All You Need is Love

Skin, the sense of touch,
Eyes and the beauty they behold:
Try for as long as life and light
To fool us of our right to love.

Unable to contain desire,
The mind gives in
To fill an illusive void.

You love, you smile, you cry in moments of joy,
You feel the wind on your face,
You crave for the touch of another’s skin on yours.
You love another, you smile:
Smug at the tears of the past;
You scream as you fall-
The wind and ground rushing up at you.

You lose the feeling in your fingers,
You lose your heart, you lose your soul-
Long before you realise that life in you
Is no less than gone.


1 comment:

Sirish said...

taste the peel and forget the fruit, the itch remains. lovely, flows..