30 August 2008

Some People Still can't get It

Whenever the times are bad,
Whenever the world turns its back,
Why do you look to that idea?

Where is that which you can’t see?
Where is it when you are lost?
I can see it in the clouds,
But what is it doing up there?

Times when the spine shivers;
When a dot spreads
The darkness across your eyes,
Where is it that kills the void?

What can it do when the fear
Is from within, deeper than itself.
That every sinew of your heart
Is black, weak, enslaved,
And like Lavinia, ravished.

That the wrong think themselves wronged,
That they try to pray for pardon,
Is the lowest that filth can reach.

Taking up those arms and ideas,
Waging war against those
Whom you never knew,
And will never see in Hell.

See all the harmony around,
Feel the ambience of death.
Lie to me that you can,
And you’ll see that which none
Can see in life and neither in good death.

1 comment:

Ainesh said...

never seen such a gud ending on ANYTHING...phew* genius as usual. i'm not surprised...i'm waiting for ur next :)