31 August 2008

Lines on Indian Paper - I

 The following are random lines from my stationary:

1. This one was written while waiting for a stubborn lecturer to arrive (and I guess I was
thinking about both my recently deceased uncle and Dorian Gray) -

"Time frozen as a painting,
Holding the youth as one
Forever as he was - for
The million eyes to envy.
To think, if he was only there,
Still there, to feel the
Force of time on aging lines."

2. The next one was written by me on the rear cover of my Communications notebook-

"An endless journey
To pierce the void
And reach the stars beyond.

An endless journey
To douse the light
And feel the void within."

3. This one was when an Environment Concepts lecturer refused to accept that she was wrong-

"How do you expect me to believe
The words that you utter,
When the truth that you hope
To convey, comes from a lying mouth?"

4. The one below is a slight mockery of a classmate's mistake-

"When you say that the void is empty,
I guess you mean that you are never full.
You think I demean the weight of your thought;
Don't mistake me, you weigh the void beyond me."

5. This last one was the beginning lines of my opening speech on 'Experience is the name people
give to their mistakes'-

"I tried to climb when it rained,
I tripped, I slipped and fell.
I tried again, I fell again;
But somehow I reached the peak.
You think I learnt a lesson,
All I did was count the stairs."


Sirish said...

hmm..(3.) is quite amusing, sure can relate to it! just read 'before i take leave'...pregnant with feeling and thought.

Ainesh said...

i especially like ur last bits...the opening to ur speech and the mockery of ur friend..
A+ as always.