16 May 2008

It May Just be Far - Fetched

A vision, there just beyond reach.
Can I touch it and still dream?
That many roads shot off,
Driving me to the very verge,
Just needing fingers to hold on.

To make a difference across times,
To show there was a me,
To find that which eludes.

Is it a ripple or a wave?
Or is it just an army marching away?

Never overlook that time still flows,
That blacks grey and greys white.
Ever that the last breath may come to pass
Way before the billion eyes
And way before the glint of gold.

The memory of many such stories,
Of trying souls and later souls,
Kept at work, without the rub of silver.

Shall this end just as another?
Or will the eyes glue and the necks crane?

Heinous should a crime be called
When the fire goes out from within
And let everything without, crumble to dust.

1 comment:

Megs said...

brilliant... as always. simply astounding! esp the clarity of language.