5 March 2008

'Cause it Matters if You Care

Pictures still fresh in my mind;
Seem'd as vivid, but couldn't be real.
Was it a vision, or a dream unkind?
Whatever it was, our race has lost appeal.

Shadows blurred, but forms clear,
Walking about on damaged road.
Their purpose certain, method unclear,
A bridge there is, still wade across the ford.

Evidence of the tide of times,
Our coming dark and dire fate.
Smog and smoke - the deadly chimes;
Surprise not when comes the final spate.

A window have we, but small in size
To escape not, but let the worst escape.
Prudence pays and so to be wise
In saving ourselves, as well our dear landscape.

Let it be not a deathly tone,
Let it come never, true as skin and bone.

[In view of recent developments, leading to the possible (if not imminent) end of human sustenance on Earth, this piece has been composed by The Armchair Philosopher for the benefit of people who may be inspired to make a U - turn in their outlook towards the all - giving planet. If you wish to, you may quote for the benefit is that of our Environment. Clarifications may be requested through leaving a comment below the post.]

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