5 March 2008

Bills and Billings

The sweet law that was,
In the grip of iron jaws;
Lost in dreams of green,
Never trying to wean.

The talk of evil men
Going round since then:
Speech full of gloss,
With never – steady moss.
Abstract content spilt
Till every sane ear wilt.

The jarring tones
Of victory and phones,
Kept up the sway,
Day after day.
And week after week,
Did stink every creek
Till they finally phased,
And then lay encased.

The times after then
Saw men just like them.
The good old story
Went on, just as gory.

A fiery wheedle
Pulling every needle
Out of their wily graves,
And come reborn as healthy knaves.

[The comedy above is 'short lined' as it was originally typed out as a series of Short Messages (SMS') to a friend. On request, I have compiled the scraps of political gibes into this poem under the title: 'A Tale of Politicking'. I hope that poetic justice has been given to the pioneers in the field of 'POLITICS FOR SELF - PRESERVATION']

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