12 January 2008

The Reason Lost

The unknowing smile, from the lips,
Wiped. Rising tragedy, harden the face.
Hands holding guns, waging a war,
Is and never was theirs to fight.

Ancient prejudice, the Promised Land,
God’s own words they said.
Reason came too late,
The great Book had long been forged.
Forged, the message lost in translation,
Everything to the despot,
Meanings and mistakes conflict
The sanity of the human mind.

And still they fight, their homes as good as lost,
Their freedom bought by higher echelons.
Cometh men to save them from
Their predicament, and die themselves,
Marring the sand no more than already.

It was prejudice, of faith.
It is obstinacy, a mistake.
It will be ignorance, stark on their face.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A wee bit cryptic. Took me nearly 5 readings & re readings to recognise the issue that you're trying to highlight. The Sinai Penensula, the Old Testament, The Covenant to a prophet, the forging of the great books; well... .. quite a lot to preserve a religions falseties. good job. keep it up!!