26 December 2007

The Law Of Shadows

The sinister form following everyone,
Untold entity, part of anyone
Exposed to the sun, out on the street,
Even to places where the sheep cease to bleat.

The only things that follow the laws
Of shadows and followers; devout claws
Clinging to one akin –
Under imaginative skin.

Nearest help, at hand wherever goes one,
But long and gone, when the sun is done.
Live as anything, but still just a thing,
Becomes to one without a mate, the only thing.

Shadows peeling from the walls,
Living lives, never heeding our calls.
Stare as you may, but in the blink of an eye,
Creep on you as they all do, and walk you by.

Imagine as one may, but shadows
Always follow, right to the gallows.
Faithful to the ownership,
The very one who jumped ship;
Company that you can never shun,
Mute, but there till the sun vanishes beneath the horizon.

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