2 April 2020

Calculated Inaction

Now tell me what you gain
Through your heavenly grace and fiery rain?
Streets lie broken with ruins strewn, and
The children remain unknowing of their pain.

You wiped the decadent from here to
Start afresh and right your wrongs;
Why start with these scarred by the loss
Of those dearly loved and hope for the sun
To cleanse the memories of a bygone day?

Blow thy wind across our cheeks
And show the beauty of a world that
Now must live by rivers and creeks.
The old centres of life and death
Are no more thanks to the play of your hand!

The smirk of your clouds across the sky
Can’t disprove the futility of your work.
You split the earth and swallowed them whole,
You disparaged the air between the factions
And celebrated when many a mushroom sprouted,
Freezing the young through calculated inaction.

We shall judge you too one day –
Not through a fire like yours
And neither duplicate those fathers of ours.
Your fate is to kill your creation again
And again till the end of meaningless time.

6 August 2018

Keep away that Melancholia

Are gone the days
When melancholic poetry
Evoked a sense of beauty?
Tragedies could be undisguised,
Death could be mentioned, and
Cheery verses were anathema.

Where am I today,
That just the hint of sadness
In prose or lyrical meter
Is met with glazed eyes?
The unsaid pain
That wells up and
And the heaviness inside -
Can't these hearts bear
The burden of another tear?

Ah, this world in all its glory!
It's joys with its tragedies,
It's lush meadows alongside dark woods,
With it's fine and vile inhabitants -
If not for the rough edges,
Would we ever know good from evil?

11 March 2018

Up Above


These green swathes are for you,
The blue and boundless oceans
Are yours to churn.

This high pedestal,
Where the winds howl,
And violent aurorae glow,
Is for me.

While you see both
The clouds and stars,
As one.
I know I am a
Cloud, not a star.

You have your seasons
Of brown, green, red and white.
I have my moods that swing
From white to grey,
And grey back to black,
And flashes of temper
Before a tearful deluge.

Yet, if you were
To look beyond me,
You can see the sun-
Bright, warm, constant.
The stars, pinpricks,
But twinkling in my wake.

Yet, if you were
To compare them to me,
You would see me fade,
Fade away when the sun is high,
Fade away when the sky is cold,
Fade away when the Earth is old.

Those stars would outlive the sun,
The sun would outlive me.

Maybe, just maybe,
I shall outlive thee.

9 April 2017

No Longer

Days go by without a word said,
Not a page is turned
And the book is still unread.

Activities planned, tests run,
We have our worries,
But no results to calm our qualms.

The days that were blue and sprightly
Are now drab, grey but wet - slightly.
If these dreams of ours were ever to fly
We might have to forget sleeping on the sly.

But these circles of darkened flesh
Around each and every eye-
No matter that the day is fresh-
Ask your purpose, they ask you why.

As the days go by,
Neither words, nor a lively note
Can disturb the now-forgotten monk
Who said he'll never get drunk
On this mission of his.